A Day in the Life… DidgeriDave.

This period of my life has taught me a great deal and has literally changed my perception on everything! For those who don’t know – right now I am camped out back in the old hometown at my brothers’ place as I had a small mishap in Mexico. Basically, I was in the first week of another epic Sea Shepherd campaign and my appendix decided that it no longer waned to be part of the collective that is known as ‘Davey’. It spectacularly ruptured and I almost lost my life due to some infection complications. However, you morbid beasts, this blog post in no way chronicles my close call with death; it is about me buying a didgeridoo!

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Plastic Free July – How I did it

Stop whatever you’re doing right now. Look around you. How much plastic items do you see? Can you see a plastic bag, a plastic water bottle, maybe even a plastic toy? Have you ever stopped to think how much plastic you have in your life? I have, and I have realised that none of it is important or essential to my life. July is the month I tried to rid myself of plastic and this is how it went. Continue reading

Life’s Little Challenges… No forks given

Sometimes life can be so cruel. It kicks you when you are down, digs you a grave and laughs at you when you trip and stumble. The dark cloud of despair casts its shadow over you and it seems like an eternity before you feel the warmth of the morning sun caress your pale skin. Below is a story that has nothing to do with this. I basically wrote that gripping intro out because I’m an annoying guy and wanted to build up the suspense, then let you down with my mediocre story. Continue reading

How to sit a baby – The don’ts and don’ts of childcare

For those of you who don’t know Davey and myself personally, let me start by saying… We are the least kid people EVER. Davey and I love our life. We are selfish and living it for ourselves, enjoying the world while we can. I can think of nothing worse than adding a child to that mix. I mean, it’s hard enough looking after one big kid! Not that we have anything against those who chose a different path; Davey’s brother and his partner have done just that and created a miniature human. While we were at home they mistakingly allowed us to take care of this small child for a day while they both worked. These are our stories… Continue reading

Get lost in the scrub – Bouddi Coastal Walk

The East coast of Australia is well populated and very famous thanks to the likes of places such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Bondi Beach, Surfers Paradise and the Great Barrier Reef. Davey and I are lucky enough to have grown up in a beautiful part of the East coast that is not yet plagued by the sprawling tourism seen in the places mentioned above. However, this place still showcases the beauty of the East coast with its stunning beaches, coastal forests and sunny skies… Just without the crowds! Continue reading

Laughter and Disaster – Our roadtrip to the East Coast

Australia is a massive county… There’s only one way to discover a big country, and that’s to drive it! Davey and I did just that! We recently made the journey from Coral Bay (west) to Sydney (east). The country is 2.97 million square miles. Driving across Australia is equivalent to driving from Portugal to Turkey, or California to Florida – Massive, right?! Although Australia is large, and thought to be filled with nothing but desert, this road trip was filled with laughter and disaster, and Tyrese took us all the way! Continue reading

Baking Apples… The nerdiest recipe you’ll ever read.

I’m sitting here nervously writing this blog entry whilst I’m very impatiently waiting for my oven to heat up to 180°C. “Why?” you may ask. Obviously it’s to place my thousand-dollar computer circuit board into the heated box in an attempt to fix an undiagnosed mystery problem by facilitating the reflow of soldered parts, thus saving me a few dollars on a professional repair job and allowing me to write this potentially award winning blog entry. Makes sense, right?  Continue reading